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"Existence is pain"

Been a hell of the past two weeks. They say "existence is pain." As Greg from Over the Garden Wall would say, "ain't that just the way."

I was hospitalized for a MRSA infection. Found out other issues were happening in addition and now I’m dealing with the reactions my body is having to the antibiotics.

Even through all the physical pain, the most traumatic part was being in the medical facilities. They said Will technically died in the hospital....

While I was there all I could think about was Will. Did he feel as scared and lonely as I did? Was he in much pain? What were his last thoughts?

I miss him so much. My heart aches thinking that my last moments with him were of me freaking out cause I didn’t know what was happening. I wish I could have had my shit together. I wish I could have told him everything was going to be okay, that I wouldn’t leave him, and that I loved him. Instead he got this sobbing mess.

It isn’t fair.

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